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Why Counselling?

We are all unique individuals trying to navigate our way in a hugely complex and demanding world and struggling with everyday life is sadly very common. You might be dealing with major changes, such as loss or identity, or you might be feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities or need help in overcoming anxiety, depression or low self-esteem. You may well have already identified specific goals or issues that you wish to work on, or perhaps you have been encouraged by your family, friends or a professional to seek help.


Whatever your impetus, Counselling provides a safe space to fully explore how you are feeling and, most importantly, how to move forward. As well as addressing your immediate issues Counselling can help you to feel more empowered, to realise your long-term goals, and to grow as a person. It can also improve your personal and family relationships, resulting in richer understanding of both yourself and the people around you and better communications between you and them.

How much does it cost?

I prefer not to publish my prices on my website as not every client pays exactly the same rate. During our initial consultation we will discuss the cost, depending on your particular requirements and circumstances.

How long does it take?

A standard session is 50 minutes. The amount of sessions will depend on you.  Again, this is something we would discuss at the initial consultation. We might decide on a very short block of weekly sessions to start with, to be reviewed as we near the end. Alternatively you might prefer a more open-ended arrangement and/or to see me every fortnight rather than every week once our relationship has been established. I can make suggestions but this will ultimately be led by you.

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