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 I received these comments from some of the clients I have been fortunate to work with in recent months. To arrange a free 15 minute consultation to discuss YOUR issues please email me on

I first met Jo after a series of traumatic events in my life, in which I felt  broken, full of self-doubt and was deeply afraid of spiralling into a depression. Telling someone how you feel is hard, but the first step is always the hardest, and Jo is so warm and accepting. My sessions with Jo-and her compassion, non-judgement, and understanding- have helped me with the most important and precious relationship in my life, the relationship I have with myself. I hadn’t realised how hard I had been living, how lost I was in my deeply felt sense of shame, and how tiring and lonely it was to present a restricted version of myself. I had trapped myself in the past for so long that I forgot how to free myself.
Through my sessions, Jo helped me truly forgive, care, value and express myself. I have found an inner strength in trusting and believing in myself. I believe we are beautiful trees with many growth rings in our lives. And I have grown so much as a person, I am excited by what I can do and will go on to do. I can run again. My therapeutic relationship with Jo has been a gift, and I am ready to chase life’s challenges and possibilities, through all its storms and sunshine."

Client FT

It's hard to reflect the positivity and progress that Jo has helped me achieve. Jo has supported me in unlocking and dealing with decades worth of repressed feelings, unhealthy coping strategies and negative thought processes. Even from the first session I felt that there was a strong connection, Jo’s ability to formulate questions is amazing because not only was I able to navigate my feelings during a session but they were also helpful in guiding me in my self-reflective process outside of the session.

Throughout the course of our sessions, I was given a variety of materials (e.g., emotion wheel, tips on how to begin writing a thought journal).

Overall, I felt comfortable, safe and heard in Jo’s presence, she was at all times professional yet caring, always allowed me to make my own decisions and very skilfully helped me be honest with myself, made it a safe environment where I could share issues and concerns of any nature."

Client MF

Jo was such a help! I really looked forward to my sessions every week. This was because she was so open, non-judgemental and understanding. She helped me to find the answers myself through open questions, getting me to really think about the core issues causing my daily/historical issues. She really helped me to grow in confidence and have faith in myself and my decisions. 

I now feel able to tackle any problems that life may throw at me, and am reassured by the knowledge that if I ever feel as if I am slipping backwards I know who to get in contact with for help and support. 

Thank you so very much!"

Client IL

I loved Jo to bits, honestly I am going to miss her more than I can express in words. When I first met her I was worried whether she would be able to help me with  complex feelings when it came to my sexuality and gender but Jo did an amazing job learning on the go and gave me some different perspectives on things. Jo was very warm and caring, she gave off a very motherly vibe and we connected very well after the first couple of sessions. Jo has managed to set me up for success and I really hope to keep on doing well and make her and myself proud. I wouldn’t have gotten through this past year without her and I would continue seeing her and talking to her for the rest of my life if I could. I couldn’t recommend her more! 

Client BK

Jo was really supportive, a great listener and really gave me the space to ‘get it all out’ so I could think things through. By the end of the sessions I always felt lighter able to tackle the week ahead. It gave me the breathing space I needed to assess what was going on and how I could reframe it in my head to deal with things better. I feel back in control after feeling overwhelmed and out of control for a long time. I still have moments of anxiety but I now feel able to manage them." 

Client TB

I had the most wonderful experience with Jo and cannot thank her enough for all she has done to help me. Her patience and understanding made me feel completely at ease from the very first session and I looked forward to talking each week." 

Client MY

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